Savonnerìe de Bormes

Slice of Soap Cake

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Spectacular Sliced ​​Soap Cakes from Savonnerie de Bormes!

A gentle exfoliating soap that leaves skin soft, hydrated and deliciously scented with chocolate and coconut, raspberry or citrus. Its oatmeal base allows for gentle exfoliation.

Attention: it is sold in slices, it is possible to buy the whole cake of 10 slices by booking on 347 9074512.

3 flavors available:

- Raspberry cheesecake: small jelly of raspberry compote and soft mousse on an oatmeal base.

- Coconut and chocolate: on a base of caramelized oat flakes, a layer of coconut confit and its grated coconut whipped cream.

-Citrus cake: scented citrus wedges and soft mousse on an oatmeal base.

Warning: do not eat! Keep out of the reach of children.