Our Brands

Jeanne en Provence

Jeanne en Provence takes you to the heart of Provence to discover its fragrances, its nature and its way of life…

Jeanne en Provence is inspired by Provençal nature, its fragrant hills, its fields in bloom to offer natural and authentic products.

The name comes from the Countess Jeanne en Provence who, in the 14th century, offered the city of Saint-Paul de Vence the possibility of using the water sources that were located on its territory. These same sources still supply water to the small town today.

Plantes and Parfums

Plantes & Parfums is the story of a close-knit and passionate team that has been operating in the heart of Provence for more than 30 years. The grace of nature that surrounds us, its lights, its scents feed our inspiration every day and throughout the seasons. All the fragrances we use are processed, tested and selected by our perfumers in Grasse, each perfume is a true creation that comes from natural materials and according to precise and complex olfactory pyramids.


Savonnerie du Pilon du Roy

La Savonnerie du Pilon du Roy is a family and local company that creates and manufactures cosmetic and well-being products based on natural and ecological raw materials from Provence and the Mediterranean. All our products are developed and produced in France and Provence.

Since its creation, the Savonnerie du Pilon du Roy, which takes its name from the mountain facing the village of Mimet and Sainte Victoire (Bouches-Rhône), has its roots in the heart of this authentic Provence to use local products.

His philosophy is to develop natural products that are healthy for the body and the environment. The rich and noble materials used in the production of its ranges do not contain Parabens, BHA, BHT, EDTA or any other type of preservative.

Today the company has left its historic village, to settle in La Ciotat on the shores of the Mediterranean to produce and promote its range of products in the unique style and authenticity of Savonnerie.

Tissus Toselli

A true reference in the production of Provençal fabric, Maison Toselli has survived the years and styles since 1933. From their headquarters in the port district of Nice they were among the first to launch the modern Provençal fabric including the timeless “olives and lavender” motif which still occupies a place of honor on all tables today.

And if generations later the Toselli family spread the Provençal fabric all over the world with many retailers spread across different continents, the small business still remains very attached to its roots by continuing the great tradition of dressing the home.

Serge Toselli has managed to give new life to the family business that he now manages in rue Antoine Gautier, adding a whole range of more contemporary fabrics to the collections that have made the history of the brand .

Tissus Toselli brings the sun to the table, the scent of lavender, the song of cicadas in the shade of a pine….

In a nutshell, it brings the heart of eternal Provence into your home.

Provence d'Antan

It was in 1989, in the heart of Provence, that this family adventure began

under the leadership of Philippe PETIT, its founder and current President and General Manager.

Since its creation, the brand has sought to offer products, scents and flavors from the Provençal area, using only the best quality ingredients, all certified organic.

The metal packages with an elegant and refined design have now become collector's items to be displayed on kitchen shelves while the bottles are made entirely of plant-based, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable material.

A truly innovative alternative to combat the pollution of traditional plastics.

Discover our certified organic herbal teas and the range of herbs and spices inspired by the scents and flavors of the Provençal territory.

Share the treasures of Provence from the past and create moments of wonder to offer and to enjoy.