Who we are

Years ago, we too, like many others, crossed Provence in search of the famous lavender fields. It was love at first sight.

We immediately discovered how Provence is a world of heterogeneous excellence, where lavender is the natural banner.

In addition to the spectacular nature, harsh but generous, we have discovered atmospheres filled with a wise humanity, full of suggestions, truly capable of transporting us to another dimension.

From that first experience, travel to that magnificent land has become an indispensable habit, which over time has turned into a real treasure hunt.

Provence is an imposing territory that rests its head on the Alps and immerses its feet in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Its aromas, of essences and herbs, carried by the mistral, perfume the whole world.

During our visits, we have had the opportunity to meet farmers, vignerons, distillers, artisans, perfumers, artists. We have known, tasted, tried, loved the excellences that are born in those territories.

We gladly brought the quality of those products to our friends. Their enthusiastic reaction filled our hearts.

So we decided to make our experience available to everyone, creating not just a simple virtual shop, but proposing the products that we ourselves have tested and often seen created by Provençal master craftsmen. For them, naturalness, eco-sustainability, bio diversity are not a trend, a new fashion, but tradition. We are looking for small realities of excellence of Provençal typicality, for connoisseurs and lovers of quality.