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Liquid black soap with olive oil 1 litre

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Cooked in a cauldron, the black olive oil soap is produced in the soap factory in Salon-de-Provence using traditional know-how dating back more than 120 years. Very effective natural cleaner to clean everything in the house, ecological and economical, it easily replaces more than a dozen household products and will quickly become one of the essential products in your kitchen.

Unlike other black soaps based on linseed oil, Marius Fabre black soap is based on olive oil. Highly concentrated, it is what gives it its beautiful dark brown colour. Made with vegetable oil, without solvents and without dyes, Marius Fabre black soap with olive oil is biodegradable and ecological.
Its highly concentrated formula makes it a truly economical product.

At home and in the kitchen:
Cleans floors and all types of surfaces
Degreases ovens, hobs, hoods, stoves...etc.
Glass cleaner and inserts
Stain remover from tablecloths, napkins, tea towels... preferably colored linen (for light-colored linen, test on a small area first)
It can be used as a washing machine detergent for colored clothes.
It will take care of your hands and skin thanks to its composition rich in olive oil, unlike most household products.

You will be provided with a flyer with a usage guide.

Marius Fabre produces black soap according to an exclusive formula with olive oil, which he has patented. Beware of counterfeits!

1 liter bottle