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100% natural pure Lavandin hydrolat

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Lavandin hydrolat 100% pure from organic farming, extracted with steam distillation and microfiltered.

Properties: soothing for the body and mind, it promotes the healing of the skin in case of small wounds and acne. It is indicated in all those cases in which the skin appears irritated and inflamed , especially following an excessive production of sebum . Excellent cleanser-tonic for face, neck and eye contour, applied with two cotton balls on the eyelids for 5/10 minutes, it gives great relief to tired eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles. Definitely effective also as an aftershave, thanks to its soothing properties. Indicated for the delicate skin of children and the elderly. insect repellent,

After opening, keep in a cool place and use within 6 months.

Contains no preservatives

200 m bottle.