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Authentic 100% natural Aleppo soap

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Much more than a soap, it is a real treatment: it is ideal for sensitive, delicate and dry skin. Olive oil and laurel oil, powerful soothing agents, gently cleanse the skin while protecting it. An alliance of precious goods with a thousand-year history.

THE ARTISAN MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF ALEPPO SOAP: The olive oil is placed in an underground tank with water and soda. The contents are heated in a cauldron for three days. Bay oil is then added, once the saponification reaction is advanced. The dough is spread in specialized laboratories, the craftsmen apply strong pressure to then make the thickness uniform. The soap is then cut into blocks using a special tool, then the wording "like it used to be" is printed. The soap is then stored in cellars to dry for 18 months. This type of processing allows to preserve all the properties and virtues of its noble raw materials. That's why our authentic 100% natural Aleppo soap is free from colourants, fragrances and additives.

220 g.