Black soap, two types and two distinct uses!

Black soap for domestic use , obtained from the processing of a fatty substance of vegetable origin such as olive oil or potash, should never be lacking in our homes among organic detergent products.

Black soap is produced according to the traditional hot saponification method and being biodegradable it completely respects the environment.

Thanks to its strong degreasing action , it is able to clean practically any domestic surface, from parquet to marble or stone floors, from tiles to plastic or resin coverings, from bathroom fixtures to the oven, from windows to frying pans.

Black soap is also used as a stain remover during the pre-wash of the laundry: it is used to remove stains and remove even the most stubborn grease from clothes, tablecloths, napkins and kitchen towels (in the washing machine instead of the usual detergent 1- 2 caps, by hand it will be sufficient to dilute a spoonful in 4 or 5 liters of water).

Black soap is also effective for cleaning and maintaining leather surfaces (sofas, car interiors, jackets, saddlery), thanks to the olive oil: just apply a small amount of black soap on a cloth, rub and rinse in warm water . The skin regains its natural brilliance and remains supple.

You can use black soap with olive oil to wash motorcycles, cars, bicycles : pour a small amount of black soap on a sponge, wash and then rinse. You can also use it to clean plastic trim inside your vehicle, such as the dashboard.

Olive oil black soap is also a very effective insecticide, it is used in organic farming. Protects rose bushes, ornamental plants, fruit trees and garden products from lice, scale insects and red spiders: in a vaporizer, dilute 5 tablespoons of black liquid soap with 1 liter of water. Then spray the mixture on the infested plant.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties it is also used to wash the horses' coats: it is thus evident that black soap is an excellent shampoo for pet grooming.

Black soap for the body does not have the consistency of the soaps we commonly use, it is not completely solid, it remains soft and pasty and produces little foam.

Black Soap has been part of the hammam care ritual since the times of the ancient spas, it is used by passing it on the skin of the body and face, leaving it on for a few moments and then rinsing, it is exfoliating but also moisturizing, rich in vitamins, a real panacea for the epidermis that remains smooth and soft.

The Black Soap of Savonnerie du Pilon Du Roy with eucalyptus essential oil is a soap obtained by hot saponification of Argan oil fatty substances to which salt and potash are subsequently incorporated which give the soap a soft appearance, ideal for the scrubs. Finally, once this blend is well macerated, the active ingredients and essential oils are added, real added values.