Fresh, Spicy or Floral? It's time for candles!!!

Candles are the perfect accessory for perfuming and creating a unique atmosphere at home. Plantes & Parfums creates natural candles, made with 100% vegetable wax. hand poured in Provence. The subtle and delicate fragrances of each candle are true olfactory creations, developed in collaboration with the perfumers of Grasse. Each perfume belongs to an easily identifiable olfactory family.

Are you looking for freshness?
A little freshness at home is always good, try the different fragrances such as verbena, fig or bamboo, available in 75 g or 180 g formats. The "Indian Summer" scented candle will offer very sweet and pleasant scents thanks to its blend of vegetable and woody notes. "Fresh" scented candles are ideal for the warm seasons, they create a relaxed, pleasant but above all regenerating atmosphere.

A delicate floral scent...
Candles with floral scents are perfect for diffusing subtle and light scents. The scent of flowers offers a joy for the senses in every season and at every moment, an infinite range of natural emotions. A floral fragrance can be elegant and delicate with a touch of softness. Notes of rose, jasmine, violet or gardenia develop a bouquet of precious scents.

The woody and spicy scents comfort you at the end of the day...
With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter, autumn can be a bit tiring!. To remedy all this and the drop in morale, there's nothing better than recharging with intoxicating and warm scents.
The woody and spicy scents spontaneously create warm and sensual atmospheres that favor escape and relaxation. With notes of cedar, vetiver or cypress, the woody scent is luxurious and elegant. These perfumes allow you to sublimate your interior with audacity.

Now you know the different benefits of fresh, spicy and floral scented candles. However, it must be said that a scented candle, regardless of its scent, can be used in any season and for any occasion.

Here's what to do to make the most of your favorite candle!

The life span of a scented candle depends on its quality. It is important to pay attention to its composition. The burn time is longer for vegetable wax candles than for paraffin ones.

Always place the candle flat and check the wick: if the candle wick is too short it can drown, if it is too high the wax will not melt well and the scent will not spread. The wick must be at a height of between 0.5 and 1 cm. When the wick does its job correctly, it does not form a puddle of melted wax, the surface is flat, so you need to let the candle burn for at least two hours when you use it for the first time.

Avoid placing the candle near a draft,
the wick wobbles, so it can go out, at best, or cause the wax to melt unevenly. Also avoid leaving the candle near curtains, drapes, etc., an involuntary movement or a source of air could bring them close to the candle and set them on fire.

Is it possible to recover the funds of a candle?

It's possible! By bringing together several bottoms and carefully overlapping them, you can create a candle with your favorite fragrances. Simply melt the wax from a candle and pour it into a container by inserting a new wick. Spread the layers one after the other, being careful to harden the previous one before pouring another so that they don't mix. You can also pour boiling water on the bottom of the candle, the wax will rise to the surface and before it solidifies again, insert a wick at the height of the wax or collect it as it is, drill a hole in the heart of the disc before inserting it on the wick of the candle. other container.

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