Provençal herbs and Camargue salts: how they are used in the kitchen.

Provençal herbs and Camargue salts give a unique touch to even the simplest dishes. The traditional ingredients of Provençal cuisine can adapt perfectly to Italian gastronomy, through the creation of dishes that do not require particular efforts, even for people who do not like cooking. The strengths of aromatic herbs, among which those of Provence stand out, include the simplicity of use and the possibility of giving flavor and precious nuances to each dish without weighing down the final result. Let's see how to best use excellent products originating from Provence, including aromatic herbs and Camargue salts, to obtain a great variety in the kitchen at a very low cost.

Two gastronomic traditions that enrich each other

A tradition as rich as that of Provençal cuisine can be a starting point for embellishing even the simplest dishes of the daily diet by adding fragrant herbs. In the cultural proximity and landscape similarities of our coasts with an extraordinary place like Provence we find the fundamental reason why it is very easy to give a surprising but perfectly complementary aromatic touch to dishes with typical local ingredients. With aromatic herbs it is possible to give flavor to even the most basic dishes without over-commitment. From mixed vegetable omelettes to tomatoes au gratin with breadcrumbs and chopped herbs: Provençal aromas can enhance any traditional Italian dish , including the simplest ones.

The benefits of Provençal herbs in the kitchen

Among the main advantages associated with the use of Provençal herbs in everyday cooking is undoubtedly the possibility of reducing other types of condiments, especially the fatty and high-calorie ones, while still obtaining a truly delicious flavour. In addition to saving in terms of calories, a diet rich in Provençal herbs is particularly accessible even for those who pay particular attention to their wallets. For a very low cost , in fact, Provençal herbs are able to flavor any dish , also adding a touch of originality, at an excellent quality-price ratio. Furthermore, they are really simple to use and allow even those who don't have much experience in the kitchen to create dishes that immediately seem more refined. The elements that make up Provençal herb mixes typically include: basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, tarragon, chervil, chives and mountain celery . These herbs grow spontaneously and are widespread throughout Provence, where they have been used for centuries to embellish simple and rustic dishes. The classic combinations include trays of baked vegetables, roast pork, but also fresh salads, jams and even the fillings of sandwiches to be eaten while sitting on the beach.

Uses in the kitchen and precautions to keep in mind

Among the most successful marriages of taste with regard to local raw materials and Provençal herbs are those with pork, tomatoes, trays of mixed vegetables and goat cheeses . The simple and genuine ingredients of the French gastronomic tradition include eggs, which play a leading role. To make the best use of Provencal herbs in the kitchen, it is possible to make quick and simple omelettes with an aromatic trite to be added preferably towards the end of cooking. One of the precautions to keep in mind is not to overheat the Provençal herbs. In this sense, it is advisable to reserve the addition of these aromatic herbs for the last few minutes of cooking , in order to prevent the essential oils they contain from releasing too bitter scents. To appreciate all the fragrance and authentic flavors of the mix of Provençal herbs , it is possible to create rich and nutritious salads , using typical ingredients that go perfectly together, such as goat cheese, dried fruit and honey.

From the Camargue with flavour: the finest salt

The salts that come from one of the most suitable territories in this sense, i.e. the scenic Camargue region, occupy a well-deserved place among the world's gastronomic excellences . Camargue salts are obtained exclusively through a process that pays homage to local tradition. Thanks to the greater intensity and purity of the Camargue salts, it is possible to reduce their use: in fact, a smaller quantity of product is sufficient to give taste and personality to a dish. This leads to a healthier diet: a low salt intake allows you to reduce the risks associated with various diseases. Furthermore, with products that are guaranteed by organic certification , it is possible to obtain great quality in the kitchen at a very low cost.