Perfume diffusers, how long do they last? How to best use them!

The perfume diffuser is a decorative accessory for the home, in a glass or ceramic bottle with a narrow neck the perfume is poured into which to immerse thin stems in natural rattan or polymer or flower-shaped diffusers always in natural fiber. In addition to ready-made perfume blends, you can create fragrances to your own taste with the use of essential oils.

The duration of the diffusion is linked to the evaporation speed of the perfumed solution. The more you expose the diffuser to high temperatures, the less time it will last. The more liquid it contains, the slower it will evaporate, you will find bottles. A perfumed bouquet containing 100ml of perfume diffuses from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the environment. The size of the diffuser must be chosen based on the size of the room. The perfumed bouquets must be positioned above all in the places of passage to be able to take full advantage of its perfumes. The intensity of the diffusion of the fragrance also depends on the number of sticks and remember to replace them often even if you keep the same perfume, when they are saturated they no longer diffuse.

You have a wide range of fragrances available to pleasantly renew the olfactory atmosphere of the house. You can trust your tastes and desires, but also take into account the purpose of the room where you will place it.

There are more “functional” fragrances and “pleasure” fragrances. The first will aim to neutralize bad smells in the kitchen, bathroom or indoors.
The "pleasure" fragrances allow you to create a personalized olfactory atmosphere in your interior. You can also differentiate it according to the room.

What are the advantages of the perfumed bouquet?
Uninterrupted and discreet transmission
Simple and automatic system
Both practical and aesthetic
100% rechargeable, therefore economical