Fabrique Lomaelle

Exfoliating and massaging body stone

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Stone with two sides: a lightly exfoliating side with a very fine grain and a glazed side for massage. Ideal for all skin types, it facilitates the elimination of excess sebum.

How to use: Lather the skin, moisten the stone then pass it over the skin with small circular movements before rinsing.

To moisturize, use the stone with carrier oils, put some vegetable oil of your choice in a cup, take some of the oil with the stone and apply it directly to the skin in small circular motions.
The enamel side can be used every day as an applicator for creams or oils.
It is possible to heat the stone in a bain-marie (or in the microwave) to perform a hot stone massage

Approximately 7.5cm diameter

Stone cleaning: Leave for a few minutes in boiling water, brush, rinse under running water, then leave to dry