Fabrique Lomaelle

Galet parfumè Hèliotrope (Heliotrope)

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Heliotrope scented clay pebble.
The clay best diffuses essential oils and perfumes while maintaining their aroma for a long time.
Cooked at a high temperature and subsequently impregnated with a perfume concentrate, they are ideal for delicately perfuming cars, wardrobes, bathrooms, corridors, suitcases, etc.

Heliotrope fragrance: as an allusion to spring, heliotrope reveals its powdery and milky character in a fragrance that is as sparkling as it is captivating.
The pebble refills infinitely: to maintain the scent, add a few drops of oil to the pebble every 1 to 2 weeks.

To change the scent: immerse the pebble for a day in a glass of water then let it dry well (one day) before impregnating it again with the oil of your choice (essential oil, perfume concentrate, perfume, etc.)

Each pebble, being handmade in France, is unique and of different colours.

Size 5cm. x 2cm.